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Our models testify

Prism Agency has supported more than 50 models in their success on Onlyfans, Mym or Fansly.
I almost doubled my income on Onlyfans...

"I almost doubled my income on Onlyfans in the 5th week. I have recommended your agency to two of my friends who are on Mym."


Only Flames Model
It's great not to have to spend 4 hours every...

"I'm so happy not to have to spend 4 hours every day answering DMs... and all this while increasing my income, it's a win-win situation :)"


Only Flames Model
An excellent team that really listens...

"A top-notch team that really listens, growth techniques that I've never seen elsewhere, really, thank you."


Only Flames Model
At first I hesitated, but 2 months later...

"At first I hesitated, but 2 months later I was already earning over 10,000$ more, thanks to you."


Only Flames Model
Only Flames has exceeded my...

"Only Flames has exceeded my expectations ! With a dedicated team and personalized guidance, I am 100% satisfied with the results and the level of support I have received."


Only Flames Model